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life happens.

A surprised

Yup, that's how I felt too when I realized July had come and gone and my machines are still sitting there idle. But at least you can see why! At only 7+ months our not-so-little one is already eager to walk. It boggles the mind and taxes the body that tries to keep up!

What I have been able to accomplish is slow work on a personal favor - an at-cost cable sweater I promised to a friend, simply because A. I really felt like knitting some cables, and B. he's someone who genuinely appreciates the work. Here, a shot of the back, completed.  The pattern is Shire Aran:


I've been working diligently on the front for a few weeks, stolen moments when Beautiful up there isn't actively trying to wrest the work from my hands, only to find yesterday I have to rip back to the bottom band. <sobs> I can't tell you how demoralizing that was. Under normal circumstances that would simply be a hassle, but when it takes a week just to get an hours worth of work done, it's devastating.

The setback forced me to see two things: 1. I need now to get some regular, weekly help with the baby because my vision of working while she plays by herself contentedly is a pipe dream, and 2. I have to take a break from this sweater and make something for her because I'm becoming resentful about being stuck on it. So, time for a diversion.

In closing I'll own that I could have sought help much sooner, but was nervous about leaving Beautiful with others. Now she's independent enough I'm not as concerned, but it's still such a challenge to find care providers we can deeply trust. And given that I'm not beholden to an outside employer, it's that much harder to justify.

If any parents want to share their experience with this, I'm listening! Wish me luck.

2017 Production Schedule and Baby News

Welcome! 2017 marks a big year for Jenifer Stark Knits. In addition to a fantastic holiday season courtesy of The Society of Arts and Crafts, we also got a momentous present for the seventh night of Chanukah:

Out first born joined us just before the new year! We are thrilled to be three where previously there were two. However, it does impact my production schedule a bit!

In the store now is what is in stock from the Fall/Winter 2016/2017 Tour de Kraft collection. I will be accepting orders for new pieces and custom work again starting July 1st 2017. That should be just in time to get some stunning fall pieces out in time for leaf peeping weather! And of course it gives us the much needed break here in the studio to focus on learning how to parent (on minimal sleep!).

Thank you for your patience, and please do not hesitate to send me an email if you'd like to put a request in motion for delivery this coming fall.

Happy New Year!